Frequently Asked Questions

Some Known Possible Side Effects 
May cause anxiety (typically in younger populations) and/or diarrhea (typically in older populations). If this happens discontinue use. This is a form of hemp tea but concentrated. 

Start off with one drop and give it a few hours.

Why does Hemp-7 infusion NOT contain CBD or THC?
Our process uses solvents that do not attach to CBD or THC and then we will filter out any of these molecules. We believe the polyphenols are a better approach based on their bioavailability.

How is Hemp-7 infusion absorbed?
On ingesting Hemp-7 infusion,  polyphenols will absorb through your mouth and mucous membranes in your mouth first prior to reaching your stomach.

How long does it take Hemp-7 infusion to work?
Usually 15 mins.

How long does Hemp-7 infusion last?
Typically 2 to 6 hours, depending on dosage, full stomach or other products in your system i.e. alcohol and other drugs.

Can I rub Hemp-7 infusion on my skin?
Yes, Hemp-7 will absorb into your skin directly at that area you dropped it on. However, do not apply to skin with cuts, abrasions, or open wounds.

Can Hemp-7 infusion get me high?
NO it does not contain any THC components. But people with Hemp allergies can feel anxious. If this happens reduce the dosage, eat some food or discontinue use.

Can I give Hemp-7 infusion to my pets?
We have never tested this product on pets.

Can I store Hemp-7 infusion in my refrigerator?
Yes, but do not freeze or boil, this may destroy the compounds.

Why can’t you send Hemp-7 to my state?
Some states have banned hemp products that are orally used. Currently, Hemp-7 Infusions cannot be sold to Idaho, Iowa, Maine, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, or Ohio.  

How long does it take to get my purchase?
Usually 2-3 days after purchase in the continental USA may be slightly longer for other areas.

I did not receive my order or items missing, what do I do?
Contact us, provide us your order number, missing items and shipping address. We will send you a new item or refund your money.

What if Hemp-7 infusion does not work for me?
This is a tough question, Not sure what you are expecting, It will not get you high. Nor should you feel anything really unless you have an allergy to it. Try changing your dosage, time of application, taking without food or alcohol or it simply may not work for you. In our trials 90% of the population responded but 10% for whatever the reason did not respond. Just like other materials it may relate to dosage or other factors beyond your control.