Hemp-7 Bio-Infused Concentrated Products

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Water Infused & Simple to Use, a few drops into your favorite
beverage brings all of the goodness of hemp to you

Hemp-7 infusion What is it?

Hemp-7  is a concentrated infusion of Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) phenylpropanoids (polyphenols, phenolic compounds).

These molecules are polar and through a little manipulation we are able to dissolve them into water. Where THC and CBD are nonpolar and require alcohol, hexane or some other nonpolar solvent to be dissolved. Hemp-7’s primary focus is on Cannabisins &  Cannflavins. These molecules have shown to be multi-use, strong anti-inflammatories with a very high bioavailability that is easily absorbed by the body. The secondary molecules are bio-available hydroxycinnamic acids; these acids may help with fatigue, performance and delivery of other biomaterials like Cannabisins &  Cannflavins.

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Steeped in over 6000 years of  traditions,  Hemp tea has been used by many including  Egyptians, Romans and Asians  for a variety of needs . Our Hemp-7 infusion is a biomass tea process that is a bit more advanced than our forefathers but the basics are the same.

 We soak our hemp biomass in ultrapure water, kept cold and removed from contaminants and oxygen. Then after some time the liquefied biomass is pressed to remove all liquid. At this point in the process there is little to no THC and CBD due to their inability to be absorbed by the water. The liquid is then pumped through several membrane filters  to remove cellulose and other particles. Then the liquid is  spun at a high rate in a centrifuge where we remove only the tea components while the rest is disposed of. Next we distill the solution where terpenes, waxes and other constituents are removed and insoluble molecules become more soluble which are left in the solution. Hemp-7 is borne virtually tasteless, odorless and easy to use, a simple high tech hemp tea that you can drop into your own beverages.

Our Hemp materials are 100% pure  Hemp BioMass with zero additives. We process the whole plant, Leaves, Stems & Seeds, everything the plant has to offer, to get all of the goodness from the Hemp plant.

All of our products are third party tested and certified for quality.

Hemp-7 infusion products are non-psychoactive, in our process the THCs and CDBs  are reduced to ZERO**.

Hemp Bio-Material

Our  Hemp Infusions are made with 100% pure Hemp BioMass with zero additives. They are naturally grown pesticide free, cold-pressed, bio-infused distillates. Our Hemp bio-infusions are non-psychoactive (CBD & THC is reduced to ZERO**).

Fully Committed to Quality

Hemp-7 is committed to quality. We ensure that the products and services we provide meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. With our continuous process improvement initiatives, biological testing and research we strive to maintain the highest quality of operational excellence and product design.

** Based on laboratory analysis